Pediatric cases (References)

23 July 2022

Tutu van Furth AM, van der Kuip M, van Els AL, et al. Paediatric monkeypox patient with unknown source of infection, the Netherlands, June 2022. Euro Surveill. 2022 Jul;27(29). PubMed: Full text:

A pediatric case of monkeypox infection in the Netherlands. Three weeks before presenting to the hospital, a young boy complained of a sore throat. He had no fever and was fine the next day. The next day, he went with his parents on vacation to Turkey. When he returned a week later, the boy noticed two small circular lesions on the left side of his face, one in front of his lower jaw and the other on his cheek. No plausible source of the monkeypox (MPX) infection could be identified. Physicians should know that monkeypox can develop in children and be present in the general population. The authors “advise prompt diagnostic testing in case of clinical symptoms potentially related to MPX to prevent potential undetected transmission in the community.”