What is Pox Reference

Pox Reference is an information hub about monkeypox.

To realize and manage the Pox Reference website, none of the parties involved (editors, authors, translators, copy-editors, web designers, web administrators, communication staff, publishing house, etc.) has received any support from third parties.

Pox Reference is free because we want it to be free.


Where do we come from

Our personal background goes back to the early 90ies when we started publishing a yearly updated textbook about HIV and AIDS. Since then, the original German version has been re-edited 25 times (, >700 pages), interspersed with several English translations (

In 2003, 2006 and 2020, we published several editions of SARSReference and and


Where will we go

Every week, we present the Top papers.

Pox Reference aims at intensifying the information exchange about monkeypox virus and helping to reduce its health impact.



We also speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. Please feel free to communicate comments and suggestions in any of these languages.



Our contact emails will change regularly. Whenever you want to recontact us, please check this page first.